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This journal is for fandom purposes only. Friend me at pann_cake, this journal will not be updated. :D


So, I gave in to temptation, and I made a new name for myself.  

I am now pann_cake!!! 

I haven't finished customizing it yet, but I went with the same layout because I like it, lol.  I picked the most random and crazy one for this journal, because I'll use it for all the icon communities and other shizz that I watch.  XD  

I'll probably be using most of the same icons (because I love them so much), so sorry if it confused anyone at first.  I probably won't post anything in here, so GO FRIEND pann_cake!!!  And I will friend you all back.  

The biggest probem is that I've had this journal for soo long, and there's a lot here.  I'm so glad I started tagging everything!!  Well, this gives me an excuse to finally transfer all my fics from in here over to my fic-journal, which is a project I'll save for the summer.  XD  

I might post once more with a cool "this journal is closed" graphic or something, but nothing important.  So you can unfriend this one if you want to clear up your f-list or whatevs.  

I can't wait to have a  non-cluttered friends page!  :DDD


serious business

I am slacking off in my work, and I am doing it tomorrow instead. I've had a tough day as far as allergies and classes go, so that's reason enough to be a slacker for me. :D

I am psyched that tomorrow is my last day for the week, and that I don't have to work this weekend (except on Sunday for two hours, which doesn't really count). Even though I felt awful all week, it flew by for some reason...probably because I slept for most of it. XD I had a strange burst of energy earlier tonight while hanging with the girls, and we were running around the building karate chopping each other and screaming and generally being nuisances. It might have been the loopiness from my allergy meds, or perhaps from sleeping so much, or from watching America's Next Top Model and realizing how much smarter I am than them. Heh heh.

Anywho, SO MUCH NEW TV TOMORROW. LOST IS BACK!! I am SO excited. And the new episodes of Scrubs have been super amazing. I never get sick of watching new Scrubs, which makes me sad because there won't be too many more. Then I'll just have to force myself to buy the rest of the seasons on dvd. :D

So I was thinking about possibly renaming my lj, and I can't do anything without the approval of my f-list, lol. So here's a poll.

Poll #1176138 what's in a name

Should I change my very old and cheesy lj-name?

Yes, to "Panncake." I am still my blogging/video game alter ego of "Pan," only more cute.
No, it's too much work and no one cares about lj-names.
Just use the my fic-journal "Shire_Berries" for regular posting.

If I make a new account...

it should be friends-only
It should look just like this one
I should keep this one for communities and such

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I think it's time for some late-night pizza rolls, and then bed. :)


So, in my endless procrastination lately, I've been searching for some actually good Harry Potter quizzes. In failing to find many, I decided to create my own Quizilla account and make my own!!!!

XDD Yes, only boredom and extreme fangirlism would drive anyone to do this, LOL!! My first is a Sorting quiz, but I spent some time trying to make it unique and un-cheat-able. I like it a lot!


Take it!! And post your results!! And tell me that I'm not a total loser!! XDD

I might make some more this weekend if you think I should. :DD

she really is a funny girl

Taking a break from my mountain of homework. These teachers must think that I have all the time in the world!

Which Disney Heroine Are You?

And now, back to work. XD

real quicky-like

I am exhausted today. It was one of my short days as far as classes go (only two), and I even took a nap in between them, but I'm still just so tired! I skipped Zumba today because it was so humid and rainy and gross out, and my asthma probably appreciated me not jumping around in a crowded room to the Apple-Bottom Jeans song, lol.

I got a ton of homework done today (I am on a roll!), so I feel pretty good about upcoming classes because I am prepared for once, lol.

Also, a few particularly sneaky friends of mine and I staged an elaborate April Fools Day prank, including newspaper-clipping ransom notes, a dummy e-mail address, covert operations around the dorm building, a drop-off point for candy, and a hostage negotiator. I will go into greater details tomorrow, as it will take a while. I know you'll all wait with baited breath.

BTW, since it is April Fools Day, it is also Fred and George Weasley's Birthdays!!! What better way to celebrate than with wonderful elaborate pranking?? XD I think I did them proud.

Speaking of HP, please partake in the poll below, which has something to do with a secret future possible-project. Don't ask questions (because I haven't decided to do it yet or not, lol), just select your favorite from the characters below.

Pick one

Rose Weasley
Hugo Weasley
Teddy Lupin
Victoire Weasley
James Potter 2
Albus Severus Potter
Lily Potter 2

I am off to bed. Will tonight be the night in which I kill my roommate for keeping the light on until ungodly hours of the wee wee morning? STAY TUNED.

yellow flowers when the sky is gray

I had a very fun weekend, and also was quite productive on the homework front! Usually there's not both, because I either have too much fun and skimp the homework, or do nothing but homework and have no fun, lol. I am proud of myself. A whole bunch of people went on a little adventure to Kingston yesterday for the mall, tacos, then bowling. It took longer than I had expected (but then again it was three car-loads of people shopping), but fun anyway. There was this giant Japanese Gifts store and everything in it was ridiculously cute. I got some Pocky and a cell phone charm with a sheep on it, lol. XD Bowling was the best part, because the four of us in my lane turned it into an impromptu dance party. We were being so ridiculous that everyone probably thought we were drunk. We also had a Bowling Alley Top-Model Photoshoot, which I might post once they're uploaded, if anyone wants to see our shenanigans. :P

Anywho, I heard tomorrow is supposed to be a "wintry mix," and since a Monday is bad enough as it is without bad weather on top of it, I figured a pre-emptive strike against a case of the Mondays would do me (and you) some good. Some fun and good-feeling vids below the cut.

Conchords + DisneyCollapse )

Ok, off to bed now. Pat's coming up this weekend, so of course the week is going to go by soo slow because I already want it to be Friday. :(

P.S. I hope the weather gets warm again soon, because watching Enchanted makes me want to frolic in a field of daisies. XD


So last night my friends transformed into a bunch of rowdy drunks and wreaked havoc on 80's Night in the rain, while I stayed in with Kristen and Mike and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark in my PJs.  I think I made the correct choice, and a more enjoyable night, hehe.  So I slept in until 1:30, and I'm now eating Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream for breakfast.  I'm going to miss you, college!!  XD

I have some productive stuff to do later, but for now here's that Top 5 Meme from the other day.  Sorry about the lateness, but...I've just been lazy and I'm not really sorry, lol.  :P

Ok, I should probably get dressed and go do something with my life.  XD

give and take

So I went to Zumba class at the campus gym today for the first time (I'd been dying to go all year, but was waiting for the weather to be nicer so I didn't have to walk there in the cold, lol). It's this Latin-music inspired dance-aerobics thing, and it was very much fun. I was hoping it wouldn't be too hard or strenuous, because I'm not much of a work-outer, lol. I was tired by the end of it, and my thighs and abs were a bit sore, but it was a fun an easy workout. I get the feeling my legs are going to be so sore when I get up in the morning, though! XD Me and the girls are going to start going every week, and I'm excited. I might even buy a Zumba video for at home once I graduate (because I'm too cheap to buy a gym membership, lol). Anyway, I recommend Zumba to anyone looking for a nice, fun, but not overly-hard workout. Lots of booty-shaking!

Anywho, I'm waiting to post the results of that Top 5 meme from before, because I'm hoping for more comments, hehe. If you haven't given me one yet, go do eet! XD

Bedtime now, but first:

Elemental Balance TestCollapse )

few things before bed

Only because I promised, lol.  I gots a few memes from lady_lyca beneath the cut.  Fun stuff!

And a super fun one stolen from aliasledger.

Comment to this post with a subject for a top 5 (shipping moments, songs, movie scenes...whatever) you would like to see me post about, and I will reply to your comment and add them to this entry behind the cut (I think I'm just going to do a  new post for them tomorrow instead, lol).

Alright, bedtime!  I'm not used to having to get up at a specific time instead of sleeping as long as I feel like.  It's really rather daunting.  XD